Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Luke's McDonald's friend party!!

Luke wanted a friend birthday party for the first time for his 5th birthday party!!  My sister had told me that McDonald's was free to rent the party room, so we decided to have it there!  Luke loved the idea!  Of course it was a Batman themed party!  We had lots of his preschool friends there and his cousins, except for Ellen who was sick!  We had cake, ice cream and juice boxes and the kids played like crazy on the play land!  I think his first friend birthday party was a big success! 

Ryan, Luke, Landon and Gabby!

Luke's Batman cake!

cake and present table

Excited birthday boy!

Gabby and her cousin Lauryn playing games!

Autumn and Lauryn didn't want their pic taken too badly!

My sister Melissa and Gabby!

Opening gifts!

Luke while the kids sang to him!

some of the kids singing to Luke

Luke and Garrett

Lauryn upside down

Gabby upside down!

Aiden, Luke, and Savanna

Crazy kids playing in the play land!

Gabby on the way home, wore out!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Luke Stephen is 5!!

My little boy turned 5!!!  I just can't believe it!! Has it been 5 years ago that I was induced on Friday the 13th, and now it's Friday the 13th again on his birthday! He had a wonderful 5th birthday!  Rob and I took the day off and took him out to Chuck E. Cheese's to play games, then to Popeye's for lunch, to the comic book store for his first time, and then had Mimi, Papa and Uncle Matt over for dinner!  He had a great time.  His obsession right now is Batman, and he got a lot of cool Batman stuff for his birthday, and with his birthday money at the comic book shop.  For dinner we had cheeseburgers on the grill (his favorite food is cheeseburgers) along with some yummy side dishes and funfetti cake! 

in front of the Acme comic van!

Funfetti cake!

Family pic!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Luke's preschool party!

Gabby and I came to Luke's preschool to celebrate his birthday snack time!  We got Batman cookies from Denny's Doughnuts for his snack!  Gabby got to sit with the kids to eat snack (I had to bring her an egg free treat), but other than that she was in heaven sitting there with the big kids!  We then stayed for Luke's show and tell, and rehearsal for preschool graduation (tear).  All the little girls were crowded around Gabby, which she loved!  It was so fun to come to Luke's birthday snack time, and adorable too!!

Reading books on the rug at school with his friend Ryan, Gabby looking on!

Happy boy!

Hard to get a picture without a silly face with this boy!

Silly face boy again, with Gabby at snack time!

Luke's show and tell happened to be that day!!