Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Gabby's 3rd Birthday Party!

Gabby wanted to have a birthday party at McDonald's like Luke had for his birthday, so we did!  She invited her cousins and Luke's friend Ryan and his little brother Kevin who is Gabby's friend!  She had a great time at her Princess Party! 

Gabby's special egg free cupcakes from Naturally Yours

Waiting patiently for her guests to arrive while keeping an eye on her special cupcakes!

Gabby and Kevin

Excited about her presents!

Hugging her cousin Lauryn!

party guests

Friday, January 11, 2013

Gabrielle Susan is 3!!

Gabrielle Susan turned 3 on January 11th!!  Since she got so many gifts for Christmas, we decided to go to downtown Chicago and go to the American Girl Store to get a Bitty Baby for her main present!  She loved getting her Bitty Baby, and last year they came out with a red head baby with blue eyes!  Of course that is the one Gabby picked!  We also went to the Disney Store and got lots of princess stuff for really great prices!  Luke had a great time at the Lego Store.  Yes, it was a bit of an interesting trip with 3 small children, a little different than when we used to go before kids!  The important thing is the kids had a great time!  Even Colin enjoyed looking around at all of the buildings and people!  Gabrielle is such an independent, bright, and funny little girl.  She is a bit sassy at times, but still the sweetest little girl I have ever met!  She loves dancing, playing with baby dolls, copying everything her big brother does, and singing pop and country songs!  I look forward to her being 3 this year, and all she will learn, and how she will change!  I love you so much Gabs!