Friday, February 27, 2009

"Pee Pee Mommy, Pee Pee"

This week has been a good one. Rob has been settling in to his new job, and really enjoying it! Luke and I went to visit Aunt Melissa and Coco on Tuesday, which was a great time! How can you beat eating Taco John's, and visiting with your sister? Luke and I were also able to go visit my old workplace at State Farm the other day to see my mom, and all of my old co-workers! I really miss everyone there still, and it sure was a sight for sore eyes to see them all!
In Luke news this week, Luke has been potty training himself for the past week and a half or so. He places his hands in front of himself and dances around and says "Pee Pee Mommy, pee pee" and runs for the bathroom! He likes to have privacy and so I shut the bathroom door and wait outside, and sure enough he will have gone to the potty everytime! Which allows him to give a high five to his Elmo potty, flush the actual toliet and get a sticker! We make a big production, and he is SO proud! Now he is working on going #2 in the toliet. Of course we have had to move to pull-ups or easy up diapers as it was taking too long to undo diapers each time he had to pee! He is able to stay dry all day, only going #2 in his diaper now! If he starts to go #2 in the potty, he will move to his ultimate goal of his Sesame Street underwear, which he is very excited about! I potty trained at around 21 months (he is 22), so I wasn't suprised when he wanted to do it too. He seems to take after mommy alot with his development.
I hope you all have had a great week, and I will post pictures next time!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Matt Logelin

I was watching an episode of Rachael Ray last week, and heard a story I couldn't get out of my mind. She was interviewing a young widowed father named Matt Logelin, and they also had his baby daughter Madeline there. His wife had given birth prematurely to their daughter, and the next day was getting up out of her hospital bed to go visit her daughter for the first time, when she felt light headed, collapsed, and passed away. It was such a tragic story, and touched me very deeply, so I decided to get online and check out his blog. I also saw that he has started a foundation in his wife's name Here is the link to his original blog His photographs are beautiful, and his outlook on life is very refreshing. I hope you will check out his foundation, and help if you can. His story is one that truly makes you think of the fragility of life, and to remember to tell your loved ones how you feel about them, and always to cherish each day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congratulations Robert!

We have some good news to share at the Oakley Household. A couple of weeks ago my husband Rob interviewed for a job at ISU. They said that he would hear the next week if he was selected or not. The day after his interview they called and offered him the job! He was beyond ecstatic! As some of you know he worked in the Information Systems department at Bloomington Seating Company, (they make the seats for Mitsubishi Cars at that company) and they were about to shut down for 93 days without pay or health insurance. We were very scared about it, and prayed long and hard that Rob would be able to find a new job. We are so blessed that he started his new job in the Information Technology department at Illinois State yesterday! He is going to love working there, I just know it! I just wanted to say congrats to my hubby, I am so proud of you!
As a side note I have to tease my husband as he is the biggest U of I fan I know. Growing up in Champaign he has always been a huge Illini fan, our basement is even Illini Orange and Blue! Now I have to at least buy him a ISU sweatshirt or something so he can support the Redbirds on spirit days and such at work.